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Masala chai, the Indian way.

A staple drink of India.

Learn how to make some delicious masala chai, the way we Indians do it.

4 Key things to keep in mind FOR DIY:

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    Clean O2 rich water is
    needed to brew a perfect brew.
    Remember, tea is 99% water.

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    Good quality loose leaf tea
    is the essence of brewing
    a perfect cup. It lends the
    flavour, aroma and body to
    the tea.

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    The temperature of water
    should be ideal for blooming
    the tea. If the water is too
    hot it will burn the tea leaves.
    If not hot enough, it will not
    extract the full flavour of the tea.

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    The time for brewing a perfect
    cup is crucial. Brew it for lesser
    time or brew it for longer
    than required and the
    tea will not bear it's
    intended flavour.

What you need :


  • • 2.5 gms of loose leaf tea
  • • 180 ( 6 oz) of water
  • 180 ml milk


  • • Saucepan
  • • Gas stove/ Induction
  • • 1 cup

Watch the full video:

How to make :

  • STEP 1

    Get all the required tools and ingredients.

  • STEP 2

    Heat up the water on the saucepan to

    a medium temperature.

  • STEP 3

    Add the tea leaves into the water and let it come to a boil.

  • STEP 4

    Add the milk and let it again come to a boil.

  • STEP 5

    Strain the chai into a cup with a strainer.

  • STEP 6

    Pair it with your favourite cookies, biscuits or rusk

    and enjoy some delicious Indian chai!

Steeping Guide :

Do’s & Dont’s:


Rinse your teapot and teacup with hot water
before brewing your tea. It’s recommended to keep your brewing tools clean so that no mixing of flavours occur.

Use only loose leaf tea
for the best quality of tea and an overall health experience.

Store the tea in a cool, dry and odour free environment.
Avoid keeping the tea in very humid areas.

Store your tea in an airtight container.
Moisture can significantly impact the quality of the tea leaves. Airtight containers will increase the shelf-life of your teas.


Do not use taped, microwaved or pre-heated water
as the temperature will not be as per the recommendation.

Do not reheat water
as the oxygen content will decrease and flatten thetaste of the tea.

Do not use boiling water
it might burn the leaves and spoil the real flavour of the tea due to over-extraction.

Do not add leaves to heating water
instead pour water over leaves.

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