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5 Types of Teas That Let You Enjoy ‘Me’ Time If You Are In Love with Tea

the sipping a hot cup tea

Tea lovers, this blog is for you! There is nothing like sipping a hot cup of liquid that slides down your throat and relaxes your senses. The world of tea is expanding its scope as companies are coming up with various types of teas. Gone are the days when you had to choose between black tea and milk tea. Of course, we all know the love the British have for different types of teas. This has become a worldwide phenomenon with people choosing different teas based on the time of the day, the season, and most importantly their mood.

English Breakfast Black Tea

English Breakfast Black Tea

In this blog, let us take a look at some special teas and blends that will let you relax and enjoy your ‘me’ time to the fullest. Take a sip of your favorite tea, listen to some music, or pen down your thoughts while enjoying the beauty of nature around you.

1. Breakfast Tea

Breakfast time is the most important period of the day. It is also the time when we are always in a hurry to get things done so that we won’t late for work. Mothers run around the house trying to get the kids ready for school and pack their lunch boxes.

English Breakfast Black Tea, Classic EARL Black Tea, Chocolate EARL Grey Black Tea, Mint Candy Green Tea, Rose Cinnamon Black Tea, High Mountain Oolong Tea, Nilgiris Winter Frost Green Tea, and Assam Summer Black Tea are some of the best flavors to try in the morning.

2. Wellness Tea

Wellness tea is most popularly known as a detox tea. Regular consumption of this tea will not only keep you healthy but also relax your mind. Since it is very important to keep the state of your mind and body healthy, by making the wellness tea a part of your daily regime. Nowadays many types of teas are available at the marketplace out of which some work on improving your complexion, some cleanses your internal system, some nourish your body, some calm down your mind, and so on. If you are a person who loves to try out different flavors of tea providing various benefits, you can opt for a tea infused with cinnamon, fennel, and turmeric. This tea is going to give you a glowing skin. However, the other combination that you can try is a tea infused with fennel, cinnamon, licorice, peppermint, and ginger. This tea will aid in faster digestion.

Skin & Glow Wellness Tea

Skin & Glow Wellness Tea

3. Floral Tea

Floral teas are colorful and aromatic and can soothe the lines of worry from your face. From rose to the lavender, jasmine to chamomile, various flowers are dried, processed, and carefully blended to get the right combination of taste, aroma, and color. All these flavored teas impart a citrusy taste to your taste buds after you consume the tea brewed with these flowers. You can enjoy a cup of freshly brewed floral tea with light snacks or fresh fruits.

Rose Cinnamon Black Tea

Rose Cinnamon Black Tea

4. Herbal Tea

Also known as Tisane, herbal teas are made using naturally dried herbs and flowers with medicinal properties. Each combination/ blend of herbs serves a different purpose, though the main aim of herbal teas is to erase tension from your mind and relax your muscles.

Chamomile, lemongrass, with a hint of black tea can do wonders to start your day on a positive note. Remember how caraway seeds are good for digestion. Add some oregano and rosemary to this to make the perfect tea that aids digestion.

Butterfly Blue Pea Herbal Tea

Butterfly Blue Pea Herbal Tea

5. Fruit Infused Tea

If you want to get the goodness of fruits while enjoying your cup of tea, fruit teas are here to serve you. From apple to mango to pomegranate, pick a tea with your favorite fruit.

Imagine sipping iced black tea blended with pineapple, lemongrass, orange peel, and ginger. Doesn’t it bring a smile on your face and remind you of the glorious summer?

Apple Cinnamon Iced Tea

Apple Cinnamon Iced Tea

Stock up your favorite teas and don’t forget to try the new ones. You never know which one would end up as another favorite tea. Make your personal time special each day and stay healthy, in body and mind.


  • What kind of tea is good for mornings?
    Green tea is a popular choice for drinking in the morning and regularly mentioned for its caffeine levels. While it does not contain as much caffeine as black or oolong tea, it is still a fantastic morning drink.


  • What are the types of tea to enjoy during monsoon?
    Basil tea.
    Ginger tea.
    Peppermint tea.
    Green tea.

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