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Health Benefits you Must Know Before You Start Looking for the Best Black Tea

black Tea has several other health benefits?

Tea is one of the most enjoyed beverages in the world. There are several categories of Tea. The most loved type of tea is 'black tea.' But do you know that apart from being your energizing morning cuppa, black Tea has several other health benefits?

But you will only get to the health benefits if you brew the black tea right. According to the image, a pot of black tea should be brewed at 90 to 95-degree Celsius for a duration that does not exceed 5 minutes and is not less than 4 minutes. This brings out the best and the most aesthetic flavour of the black Tea. Also, you must make sure that you are pouring hot water over the Tea and not the other way around.

You see, everyone has got an opinion about making the perfect pot. And this is our version that we have derived after trying out several methods ourselves.

The Health Benefits of Black Tea

Before you go searching out for the best black Tea, here are some of the health benefits of black Tea that you must know.

Black Tea Reduces Blood Pressure

Blood pressure can be a major threat to your health. It can lead to heart attack, kidney failure, stroke, and vision loss. Consuming black tea has a good impact on the healths of people with high blood pressure. An independent study proved that persons with high blood pressure who consumed about 2 to 3 cups of black tea per day for over a period of 3 months showed a significant decrease in the systolic and diastolic pressure than the persons who did not consume black Tea.

Black Tea Reduces Blood Sugar

Blood sugar is commonly known as diabetes. This condition happens when your blood has more sugar as compared to the amount of insulin produced by your pancreas to carry the sugar to the muscles for functioning. Several compounds present in black Tea enhances insulin levels and increases insulin activity in the body by fifteen times.

Black Tea Reduces Blood Sugar

In today's stressful life, when pollution is everywhere, consuming black tea on a daily basis is all the more important because of its antioxidant properties. Consuming black tea reduces the amount of free radicles in the body and lowers cell damage. Antioxidants are also important for reducing the chances of developing life threatening diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Black Tea Reduces the Risk of Developing Cancer

Cancers are of various types, they are painful and expensive to beat. Some of them are even unbeatable. However, you can give your body a healthy boost by consuming black tea daily. This type of tea has polyphenol that puts you less at the risk of developing cancer. It is especially great for preventing breast cancers.

A Few Words Before Concluding

So, now that you know some of the major benefits of consuming black tea, you would surely choose the best quality pack. Many people like tea to be sweetened, but try to restrict your sugar cravings. Not only does excess sugar increases the size of pores, but also have some great health risk. Consume the goodness of black tea without sugar to enjoy its health benefits to the fullest.



  • Is it bad to drink black tea every day?
    Drinking large amounts of black tea more than four or five cups a day may cause health problems. That's mostly because of caffeine-related side effects.
  • Does black tea help you lose weight?
    Drinking three cups of black tea each day for three months significantly increased weight loss and reduced waist circumference, compared to drinking a caffeine-matched control beverage.

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