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5 Great Ways To Reuse Old Teas

Reuse Old Teas

If you are an ardent tea consumer who experiences various tea bags daily, what do you do with each one of those used tea packs? Why junk them when you can reuse them.

Before you find out about how to reuse the old tea packs you should store them appropriately in a wet medium. They can be kept either leaked in a little glass in water or the ice chest. This stays away from any fungus development in this manner safe to reuse them

You see, everyone has got an opinion about making the perfect pot. And this is our version that we have derived after trying out several methods ourselves.

Here are 5 imaginative approaches to reuse old tea packs after making tea:

1.Flavor your food

We all realize that tea gives a delightful flavor and shading to some Indian curries. Teabags are an amazing item to have comes handy in your everyday food preparation. But did you realize you can utilize tea to season different dishes including grains, pasta, chicken, and so forth? You'll simply add a pre-owned tea pack to bubbling water that you plan on cooking with and you will add a wow factor to your food.

2. Give your plants some additional affection

We realize that tea is loaded with supplements so why not impart the advantages to your nursery or house plants? Because of its high causticity and high sponginess, tea leaves are an extraordinary method to water and sustain plants. Spot a handful of dried, soaks leaves or Steeping Sacks in the base layer of your plant's pot. The tea will retain the additional water and help to gradually discharge it once again into the plant. You can also pour it to water your plants. This fertilizer is phenomenal for your vegetable nursery as well!

3. No more awful odor

Dump awful scent from your home. Teabags can be utilized as a deodorizer. Sprinkle tea in the base of your trashcan, litter, and also in a holder in your cooler to dispense with terrible scent. It works like enchantment on stinky shoes as well. Spot dried utilized tea bags inside your shoes to evacuate that stinky smell.

It is a genius method to deodorize and clean the floor coverings and mats. Hose the pre-owned tea bags in warm water. Open the tea sack and spread the clammy leaves on the carpet. Leave it till the leaves evaporate and vacuum. You can pick an enhanced tea like lemon or mint to desert a decent fragrance!

4. The perfect glass cleaner

Perhaps the trickiest thing to clean at home is the glass windows or entryways. You should simply to re-mix the tea bags and utilize the water to clean the glass. Utilize a lint-free fabric to get amazing outcomes!

5. Tea Bags for Puffy Eyes

The exact chamomile tea that quiets an annoyed stomach can also ease puffy, aggravated eyes. Soak tea bags in chilly water for a couple of moments until they are stout. Press out a touch of overabundance water and then spot the bags on shut eyes for a few minutes. Then again, you can utilize chilled chamomile tea as an amazing facial spritzer.

Not just this, used tea can also be used as a fertilizer to grow plants. The growth of plants also increases with the help of tea. Thus, it is quite evident that with so many benefits that come along with the used tea, one should not waste it. So, use the old tea and enjoy the benefits associated along with it. An avid tea lover will get excited after reading this blog thinking that their best beverage has so many other advantages. This is the main reason why tea has the same popularity level from ancient times till now.


  • Can you reuse tea sachets?
    The first thing that you should know is that it's fine to reuse tea bags. The drawback is that after the first cup, you lose flavor and strength.
  • Does tea go bad after brewed?
    Eventually, brewed tea will go bad. However, if you store it in an airtight container in the fridge, it can last for 2 to 5 days.

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