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Persian Rose Tea

 Persian Rose tea

Here is a recipe of Persian Rose tea, which came into existence, as a result of trade routes and cultural habits in the route between Russia and India. It has a high level of caffeine compared to other variety of tea. Sometimes it is also served with mint.

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This tea is a result of trade routes and cultural habits in the route between Russia and India, as this recipe is clearly influenced by both great cultures while also unique Persian appreciation of the subtle taste of rose.


6 cups (1.4 l) water

6 green cardamom pods, crushed

1 tablespoon (13g) sugar

2 teaspoons (4g) black tea

Rosewater (to taste)

Mint (served on the side)

Bring water, cardamom pods, sugar to a boil in a medium saucepan. Reduce the heat to low. After sugar fully dissolves, add tea. Simmer 3 minutes and add rose water to taste. Serve with fresh mint.



  • How do you drink Persian tea?
    Because of the black tea's bitterness, many prefer to have sugar with their Persian tea. The traditional way to do this is to take a sugar cube and place it between your teeth and then sip the tea while allowing the sugar to melt.
  • How much caffeine is in Persian tea?
    Persian tea is made from a variety of black tea leaves, and hence, there is a high level of caffeine in just a single serving. Even a sixteen-ounce cup can contain one hundred milligrams of caffeine.
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