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6 Signs You’re In Love With Ice Tea

 Love With Ice Tea

It’s a morning ritual for you: You’re quite a departure from the tea drinking regime that your family follows. Your family might have been indulging a lot into hot and spicy tea or herbal tea...

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It’s a morning ritual for you:

You’re quite a departure from the tea drinking regime that your family follows.

Your family might have been indulging a lot into hot and spicy tea or herbal tea but you on the other hand, no matter whatever the climate is everyday get up in the morning and start your day with the cold beverage- Ice Tea, Raspberry Ice Tea, Ice Lemon Tea, Mint Ice Tea, and other types of Ice Tea.

It’s a grab and go beverage for you:

You see your Ice tea as a supplementary to any other grab and go beverage- be it Coffee or Energy Drink.

The thought of even sipping any other drink for convenience or quality makes you cringe.

The bottled Ice-tea or Ice Tea mix gives you the perfect experience of flavor, freshness and convenience.

You not only grab it quickly on the go every time but also recommend it to others, who can’t tolerate caffeine but need the freshness to carry on for the rest of the day.

You always look for different flavored Ice Tea recipes

Whether you made a resolution to cut down on caffeine or alcohol or you’re just broke after a music festival season, you always end up fancying about the flavored Ice Tea recipes and the DIY Ice tea project

The idea of learning everything from mixing the right ingredients to knowing the fresh substitutes and flavors cheer you up and bring back the lost smile in you.

Even after you are done learning about different Ice tea recipes: Peach Ice Tea, Lemon Verbena Ice Tea, Mint Ice Tea, Lemonade Ice Tea, and other natural Ice Tea you are not satisfied thinking that there’s so much more to explore in the Ice Tea world.

It’s not replaced with other healthier drinks

You’ve been reminded by your nutritionist time and again to stop binging on Ice Tea because the excessive amount of sugar in ice tea can easily contribute to your extra pounds.

In spite of knowing all this, you always find ways to stick to the cold beverage by opting for healthier choices- Black Ice Tea and Unsweetened Ice Tea.

You give an excuse to your nutritionist saying that iced green tea is healthier and you have modified your diet chart by replacing sugary Ice tea with home brewed Ice Tea or Ice Green Tea.

Funny though!

It’s often replaced with beer or other alcohol in the parties

Though you love the idea of drinking those Tequila shots, the thought of that terrible hangover the next day makes you feel petrified about drinking in the parties.

But partying is still fun and enjoyable for you because you always end up getting high on your flavored Ice Tea.

A glass of a perfect Ice Tea avoid so many do’s and don’ts of drinking alcohol and save you from an embarrassing hangover.

It makes your evening tea time incomplete

The evening tea time is that time of the day, where you sit back and relax and make sure you catch up with your loved ones and family.

But, no matter how many times everyone hands you a suggested cup of Oolong, Black, White, and Green and other myriad of options but you will always remain loyal to your Ice tea. You are more likely to explore different recipes of ice tea to add that element of surprise to your tea times.

If any of these signs sound familiar to you, then my dear friend you are in love with Ice Tea and it’s time to accept it and order Ice Tea Packs in advance for the next month!



  • Is ice tea good for health?
    Drinking tea is good for your health. It may lower the risk of cancer, it can encourage weight loss, and recent studies have shown tea can help lower blood pressure.
  • Can you ice any tea?
    Iced tea, meaning that it can be made with any and all types of tea! Black tea is commonly used in iced tea, but white tea, green tea, and oolong also work particularly well over ice without losing flavor integrity or aroma.

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